Accessibility information of DECIDER website

This document applies to the DECIDER website: The accessibility was checked on March 15th, 2021.

The website has been evaluated for accessibility by its designers.

Accessibility on this website

The online service is partially compliant with accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1 A and AA).

Non-accessible content

Our website contains some accessibility issues. The following is a list of known accessibility limitations. Please let us know if you encounter an accessibility issue not listed below.

1.4.4 Modifying text size – There is no feature for modifying the text size on the website.
1.4.10 Reflow – On some parts of the website the user may have to scroll vertically over 320px when zooming in the page.
2.4.9 Link Purpose (link only) – There might be some links without proper description.
2.5.5 Target Size – Partially accessible. Some icon links may be below 44px * 44px.

Did you notice an accessibility problem on our website? Please, inform us! We will do our best to fix the problem.

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