Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany  

Heidelberg University Hospital with its 43 specialized clinical departments and its 13 medical institutes is one of the leading medical centers in Europe. Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients from all over Germany and many other countries come here to make use of our modern treatment facilities. The highest standards of medical care are guaranteed by our world-renowned professors, distinguished physicians and committed nursing staff. Heidelberg University Hospital is constantly developing new methods of diagnosis and treatment at the forefront of biomedical science for the benefit of all patients. Read more on the Heidelberg University Hospital website.

Julio Saez-Rodriguez

Dr. Julio Saez-Rodriguez

Dr. Julio Saez-Rodriguez, PhD, is Professor of Medical Bioinformatics and Data Analysis at the Faculty of Medicine of Heidelberg University, director of the Institute for Computational Biomedicine and group leader of the EMBL-Heidelberg University Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit. His research focuses on computational methods to understand and treat the deregulation of cellular networks in disease, using prior knowledge and omics data to build patient-specific models. The Group has ample experience on the analysis of multi-Omics data, and in particular on the analysis of drug screenings and omics data in cancer patients, leveraging existing mechanistic  knowledge such as pathways and networks. In DECIDER, the Saez-Rodriguez team focuses especially on data integration and computational modelling. Read more on the their website.