New Operative Project Manager

My name is Ann-Christin Ostwaldt and as of October 2021, I am the new Operative Project Manager for the DECIDER project.


In the DECIDER project, 14 research groups and small companies in Europe are working together to analyse, why patients with ovarian cancer often become therapy resistant. The specific genetic profile for this resistance is studied and possible treatments are explored. For such a large international project lots of administrative tasks arise. My responsibilities are the handling of these day-to-day administrative tasks that help all the researchers to concentrate on the scientific work. I will also help with the data management, making sure that all data that are obtained during the study are safely stored and can be analysed by the right researchers.


I have a PhD in Medical Neuroscience and I worked in Berlin, Boston, and Hamburg for different research groups. The focus of my research was the analysis of brain magnetic resonance imaging data of patients with stroke, dementia, or multiple sclerosis. But I also have a lot of experience with managing data that are produced during studies like DECIDER. And I am looking forward to learning a lot about the field of ovarian cancer.


I am very passionate about research. I believe that it is particularly important, that research results can quickly be integrated into clinical routine to benefit the patients. This is exactly the goal of DECIDER. Furthermore, women and diseases that concern women are still underrepresented in clinical research. With the DECIDER project we take first steps towards a more personalized medicine for women. For those reasons I am very glad to be part of the DECIDER team.

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