Plenary DECIDER meeting 2022

For the first Plenary Meeting of the DECIDER project on 28. and 29.04.2022, we welcomed 75 consortium members from all over Europe in the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, near Helsinki. It was the first meeting, where it was possible for all to come together in person. Therefore, we started the meeting with some hiking and orienteering, which gave all participants the opportunity to get to know each other in the beautiful Finnish nature.

Haltia - Finnish Nature center   Nature path

Afterwards, in a panel discussion, we talked about the difficulties of translating genomics and transcriptomics findings to clinics with our clinical experts. The discussions continued, as the researchers from all 14 partners were presenting their first results in our poster session. We were very excited, that our Scientific Advisors Douglas Lauffenburger and Iain McNeish were also able to join us, and we received great feedback and suggestions for the coming years of the project.

DECIDER meeting auditorium   DECIDER meeting poster session

After a year of remote work, this year’s meeting brought us closer together as a team and will help us to address and achieve the upcoming goals in the DECIDER project.

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